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Video Surveillance starts with design…

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FoxCrest Security is here to help you design a professional video surveillance system. We know that every situation is unique. That requires a good design and correct camera placements, otherwise the entire system is a failure. Trust FoxCrest Security to help you design and install a high quality security camera system.

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When you get video surveillance for your premise, you should be able to get high quality resolution video without breaking the bank. The first piece of a quality video system is wires. Yes, security cameras should be wired. A high resolution camera system is a failure if it can’t record important events. Wired camera systems deliver that important footage reliably. Wireless camera systems are prone to losing connection and slowing down WiFi networks. Let FoxCrest take a look with you during a free consultation on whether a wired camera system will work for you. We strive to hide wiring when at all possible. FoxCrest Security technicians are trained for clean & professional installations.


Video Surveillance Cameras

Now that you know that a wired system is the only reliable video surveillance system, the equipment is the next factor. The video surveillance has made tremendous leaps in video equipment quality for the average consumer. Security cameras now deliver truly high definition video and incredible night vision capabilities. This is why FoxCrest Security should be the security installer of your choice. There are many security installers that lag behind in technology. The camera systems we design come with at least 1080p true high definition resolution. We stay on top of this technology and make sure the highest quality of equipment is delivered to our clients.


There are more important pieces of the puzzle with video surveillance. Storing the video, viewing live images and retrieving important events are critical components to the security camera system. Here at FoxCrest, we work with our clients to develop the entire system. We make sure you get the video storage you need. FoxCrest Security will program your DVR and cameras using industry best practices. This increases recording time, keeps your system secure from hacking and optimizes the video quality. Our technicians fully train you and make sure you are comfortable with the camera system. We then schedule to do a post-installation analysis to ensure your cameras are recording properly and the system is working for your needs. This is unheard of with “traditional” security dealers, who are looking to get your system in and move on.

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If you are located in Frederick, Hagerstown, Chambersburg or any of their surrounding areas, give FoxCrest Security a call or reach us via our contact page. We would love to start the design process with you! Call (240) 422-8369