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FoxCrest Security has the most affordable monitoring rates in the Frederick and Hagerstown areas. Maybe even the lowest! Our most popular plan is the $25 a month Full Protection plan. It gives you secure cell-radio communication for your alarm system, a mobile app to control your alarm panel, 24/7 Central Station monitoring, and text/email notifications. Other companies charge double for the same exact service. We know your property needs to be protected. However, it doesn’t need to drain your bank account to do so!

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24/7 Monitoring by our

central station

24/7 text & email

notifications and alerts

Dedicated Cellular Communication

(No landline cutting to worry about)

Crash & Smash Protection

Constant Supervision of 

your System

Control Lights

*Must purchase Z-wave lights

Control Locks
*Must purchase Z-wave locks

Control Thermostat
*Must purchase Z-wave t-stat

Control Garage Doors

*Additional equipment purchase neccessary

Must have enabled security control panel

Text/Email Only

***No central station monitoring. It is your responsibility to contact authorities


per month

Full Protection


per month

Full Protection + Smart Home


per month


(We offer but do not recommend)


per month

FoxCrest Security could take over the monitoring of your existing panel!

There are many alarm panels that FoxCrest Security can monitor and service. It does depend on the level of your panel’s proprietary but the majority of panels can be redirected to our Central Station. Some may need additional equipment added on, for example a cellular communicator. This could be an upgrade for your system since cellular communication is much more secure than a landline. Call FoxCrest Security at (240) 422-8369 or Contact Us to talk to one of our representatives. We will have questions about your panel and may need to see the equipment is some situations. All on-site consultations are free. It could save you hundreds of dollars that are going to another alarm installer for the same exact service we can provide, if not better!

Never buy a “free” security system!

What “traditional” security installers try to do

FoxCrest Security has a strong distaste for those that try to sell “free” security systems. They are not free. You do pay for that equipment in the contract. These contracts can be over 5 years in length. During that first contract, you are paying (or even worse leasing) the alarm equipment. You make it through the first contract and that equipment gets paid for by the ridiculously high monitoring rate. The problem is that monthly monitoring rate that was paying for equipment never goes down. Then they really start to rake in the money out of your bank account.

FoxCrest Security offers fair, affordable options

FoxCrest has a different approach to giving you the protection you need. We sell equipment outright and use fair pricing for everyone. That means it is your equipment, not ours. That also means you’re going to know what you paid for your equipment. We do not hide our pricing in “packages”. You can do with the equipment as you please, even take it with you when you move. Or since you know the value of your equipment, make it part of the property’s value! The biggest downfall is that you pay more $$$ up-front. However, most of our customers love this. They pay for the equipment and then pay a small monthly rate for the rest of their system’s life span. By the way, alarm systems are meant to last and many provide good use anywhere from 5-30 years! We could not imagine paying such high monitoring rates for that many years and you shouldn’t have to.