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Security systems have been around for over a century but the last couple years has revolutionized how we think of intrusion prevention. Mobile apps, text notifications, multi-location management and it keeps improving! FoxCrest Security stays on the cutting edge of this technology. We deliver to you a system that is simple to manage and puts your needs first. Call FoxCrest Security today to schedule an appointment.

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Keep an eye on all of the important activity on your property. The video surveillance industry is experiencing incredible growth because people want to know their business or home is being watched over. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a video system that doesn't capture what you want or even worse, it doesn't work. Let FoxCrest Security help you! FoxCrest Security gives a professional scope, whether the project is small or large. We listen to you to figure out what key areas you need to see.

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Doors are not always meant to be opened. Door Access systems can be simple to manage and give tremendous benefits. They take out the guessing game of who is entering a room or facility. In addition, if your facility houses sensitive customer information, a door access system can keep you in compliance with increasing regulations.

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Licensed Security Installer

Licensed Security Installer

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What You Will Get With FoxCrest Security...

Security Cameras
  • Truly 1080p or better High-Definition security cameras
  • Implement industry standards in camera programming
    • Improve recording time
    • Enhance video quality
    • Secure, anti-hacking measures
  • Complete training after installation
  • Schedule a post-installation analysis to ensure everything is working
Intrusion & Alarm Systems
  • Low monthly monitoring rates
  • The latest technology in alarm systems:
    • Full two-way wireless communication between panels and sensors
    • Cellular communication, completely secure!
    • Mobile App – The best mobile app for alarm systems
  • Work with you to eliminate false alarms
Door Access
  • Offer the newest technology:
    • Web-based software & database hosting, forward compatible
    • Offer bio-readers, secure proximity badges and even mobile app credentials
    • Mobile app to remotely manage your door system
  • Follow best practices to program the system to fit your needs
  • Schedule necessary back-ups

What Other Security Dealers Will Do For You...

Security Cameras
  • Claim their cameras are high-def, but have resolution lower than 1080p
  • Not follow industry standard practices, because it takes too much time
    • Their technicians never change default programming
    • Never change the default password
    • Leave you with a vulnerable & hack-able system
  • They never heard of post-installation analysis. You are a one-and-done customer.
Intrusion & Alarm Systems
  • Entice you with “free” equipment, but is it?
  • Use old technology alarm systems because its what they know best:
    • One way sensor communication
    • Forced upgrades when technology becomes obsolete
    • Might offer mobile app, but you’ll pay a lot more for it
  • False alarms are your problem, not theirs.
    • Will claim motion detectors are “pet-friendly”
Door Access
  • Still offering the old technology:
    • Make you use your own PC to host the database of users
    • Will offer proximity badges that employees can easily share
    • Rarely offer remote management
  • Will program the system for you, but forget to create a back-up!
  • Training is handing you a user manual


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