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FoxCrest Security has a special connection to Hagerstown, MD. Chris Danzberger, owner of FoxCrest, has served the Hagerstown area for many years. FoxCrest believes the area needs a break from “traditional” security installers. Many security installers in the area have forgotten about their customers. They are insistent on using older technology in their security systems and charge way too much for them. FoxCrest Security believes you deserve the newest security system technology at affordable rates.

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Security Systems

Many “traditional” security companies in the Hagerstown area try to entice you with “free” equipment. You really pay for that alarm system in high monthly monitoring costs. Those high monthly costs never go down. FoxCrest Security breaks away from the “traditional” security companies. We offer low monthly monitoring rates, starting at $15 a month. Our most popular monitoring plan is $25 a month. This plan includes a mobile app, text notifications and much more. Our intrusion systems use the latest technology to give you the most value for your investment. In the end, you get the best security system at a much lower cost.

Own an existing security system?

Not happy with your current security company? Is there an issue on your alarm system? Call FoxCrest Security at (240) 422-8369 or contact us. We can take over the monitoring on your alarm system for an affordable rate. We do not charge for switching monitoring to FoxCrest. FoxCrest Security can service many alarm systems. Start getting a return on the investment with the security system you already own!

Security Cameras

We can provide security cams for your home or business!

FoxCrest Security specializes in professional video surveillance. FoxCrest Security is here to help you design a camera system that fits your needs. We know that every situation is unique. That requires a good design and correct camera placements, otherwise the entire system is a failure. Trust FoxCrest Security to help you design and install a high quality security camera system.

Once your security cameras are installed, FoxCrest Security shows you why we are the best in Frederick. We implement industry standards for programming the cameras. This maximizes video resolution, increases storage time and prevents hacking into your camera system. FoxCrest technicians fully train you on how to use your camera system. This includes live-viewing your cameras remotely. Last, FoxCrest performs a post-installation analysis, which is unheard of with “traditional” security companies. This ensures your security cams are functioning, including night vision. Call FoxCrest Security today to get started on your home security. (240) 422-8369

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