Honey, We need security cameras

security camera car theft

If you have no security on your property, consider an alarm system when you think you need security cameras.

Have you been vandalized and need security?

need security camerasYou’re walking out the door to get into your car & head off to work. You look at your vehicle & something’s amiss. The glove-box is open or there is a wrapper in a different place. As you get into your vehicle you realize your GPS is gone & your tote-bag with your iPad is missing. It is an awful feeling to have when somebody violates your personal property. Quite often, vehicles are a prime target. An entire neighborhood can be vandalized in one night by a single individual. The perpetrator just walks around, see which vehicles are unlocked and quickly grab whatever they can carry.

With no type of security whatsoever, many people instantly think they need security cameras on their home. Security cameras are great investment for the following reasons:

  • They can help deter a theft or break-in, if they are easily seen
  • You have a chance to record the act and perpetrator
  • You can monitor what is going on around your property, even when you’re not there

But here’s what they have a hard time doing:security camera car theft

  • It is extremely hard to catch a thief in the act and stop them
    • Sorry, you can’t really rely on motion detection to alert you. The camera system would send you a notification for every leaf that blows by the camera. A heavy rain can send hundreds of notifications.
  • A wrong camera angle, weak night vision or a smart thief can prevent identification
  • A camera won’t call the authorities if you’re in trouble

Alarm System are Proactive, Camera Systems are Reactive

While I don’t think a camera investment is a bad idea at all, I try to make sure clients at least consider an alarm system when they have nothing at all. An alarm system is a much more effective defense, at least for the home. Its job is to deter potential thieves. Plus, be sure to add fire detection too.

Still worried about your vehicle? Yes, your vehicle is still sitting there vulnerable in the driveway/street but please take these lessons and apply them today:car security

  • Always keep your vehicles locked
    • No matter how quiet and peaceful your neighborhood is, there is always the potential for break-ins.
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your vehicle, especially within sight of a passerby
    • Car insurance does not cover items stolen from your vehicle. Homeowners/Renter insurance can but you’ll have to pay your deductible. Ready to shell out $500 in deductible to cover the theft?
  • Install motion lights to keep your vehicles well lit at night and if you have a garage, please use it.

Be proactive yourself, Take the next step to protect your property

Talk to your local alarm installer, ask to get a quote on an intrusion system. Maybe you can even do both an alarm system and a camera system if the money is there. There is a monthly fee for most alarm systems, but some alarm installers (FoxCrest Security) keep their monthly fees within reason. My clients typically go for the $25/month option. While video cameras do not have a monthly fee (or at least the ones I install do not), please keep in mind an alarm system can help deter or stop theft, break-ins and prevent fires. Video surveillance has only a small deterrence factor and does not help stop the theft. Every situation is different and its all about what takes priority. Do you place priority on your home/family/pets or a few low $ items in your vehicle (now that you’re not keeping valuable items in there). Call FoxCrest Security @ (240) 422-8369 if you want free quotes on both an alarm system and camera system.

I am the proud owner of FoxCrest Security, a security installation company formed in 2016. Hard work, countless hours, and being supported by some truly amazing people got me here. I am blessed to be able to serve the many home-owners and businesses in the Frederick & Hagerstown areas.