Who to Choose? Local vs National Security Installers

Service Reliability Cost

Why Your Local Security Installer Has Better Service, Reliability & Cost

In the previous blog post, we established that the local security company can monitor your alarm system 24/7 by using a Central Station. Remember, even many of the big companies use the same Central Stations as your local company. But you still need to consider service and cost right? Let’s talk about service & reliability first.

Service & Reliability

FoxCrest Security Company VanOK, so since the big companies have so many technicians, they can offer better and faster service than the local guys? Um…no. Let’s talk about the biggest security installer, ADT Corporation. ADT Corporation uses ADT Authorized Dealers (basically franchisees) to install and service. ADT Corporation buys your alarm contract from the ADT Dealer, then can use any of their dealers to service you. So now it’s the luck of the draw to see how good and fast your service will be. I’m sure some of the local ADT dealers are good, but I can’t imagine they are as dedicated as the local security installer who is looking to keep their reputation intact.

Now, I can’t speak for every local security installer. From my experience, the majority really do try to give the best & most reliable service. I imagine it would be hard to stay in business if you didn’t. FoxCrest Security services establishments that run 24/7. We service places that are critical to public safety, including many local firehouses. We understand the importance of a good response time. And we truly believe you take care of the customer you have today before the one you’re trying to get tomorrow.


Security CostA local alarm installer can have cheaper monthly rates than the national installer? Yes, you read that right! So the larger company who does their monitoring in-house to save money in their bottom-line, also charges you more? Yep. I have seen what they charge and it makes my jaw drop. I’ve seen some contracts that charge $40-$50 per month for monitoring. I met one gentleman who payed $200 a month! FoxCrest Security’s most popular plan is only $25 a month. That’s a very significant difference over the years!

I talked to an individual last week who proudly stated she has been with a national company for 17 years. And that’s what they are looking for. They entice you with “free equipment”. You pay for that equipment with the high monthly rate in about 1-2 years. Then they rake in your hard-earned dollars from there on. Lastly, they make it extremely difficult for you to switch out to another company. Many local security installers have much simpler exit strategies for their customers.

Make The Right Choice!

As mentioned in the 24/7 blog post, we know your local security installer can monitor your alarm system just like the big companies do. So use your local security installer, they are giving you the same 24/7 service, if not better + more reliable. Plus, the vast majority of your hard-earned dollars go to support a local business. Your support for small business is really what makes America so great. Oh and by the way, the local company will likely be saving you money too. What could you possibly not like about that?

I am the proud owner of FoxCrest Security, a security installation company formed in 2016. Hard work, countless hours, and being supported by some truly amazing people got me here. I am blessed to be able to serve the many home-owners and businesses in the Frederick & Hagerstown areas.