FoxCrest Security Installs Residential & Commercial Security Cameras in Frederick, MD

Need security camera installation for your property?

FoxCrest Security is the security company to choose if you need surveillance for your Frederick, MD property. We are the only company that offers Post-Installation Analysis after installing your security camera system. If you are investing in video surveillance, it needs to work + be set-up for your unique situation. Call FoxCrest Security at (240) 422-8369 or Contact Us, we offer free consultations to protect your residential or commercial property!

Post-Installation AnalysisSecurity Camera Installation

This is where FoxCrest Security breaks away from all the other security camera installers in Frederick. We perform an analysis of your security camera system 5-30 days after install. FoxCrest makes sure settings on cameras are peaked to optimal performance. We make sure night-vision is working properly. Also, we make sure you are getting the video storage you need. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing the system is working as it should. No other security company offers this as a part of every install. To them, you are a one-and-done customer. To us, you are a client we want to serve for as long as you need us.

Residential Security Camera Systems

FoxCrest Security specializes in security camera installation for residential homes for the Frederick, MD area. We design the system with you, install the cameras in a professional manner, and then train you how to use the security system. Then we perform a post-installation analysis of your security cameras. This is unheard of in the security industry. Try googling it, you’ll only find us!

Wireless Security CamerasWireless Security Camera

Sorry, FoxCrest Security does not install wireless security cameras unless absolutely necessary. The idea is great but the technology is just not there yet. Wireless security cameras are prone to many issues: dead batteries, interference causing lost video, connectivity issues, and it can slow down your WiFi. There is no worse feeling than when security cameras failed to record or produce video when you need it the most.

Choose the Best Security Camera Equipment

FoxCrest Security provides the best security camera equipment at affordable rates. You get the best support and training in the Frederick area on how to use your new security system. Often, “video surveillance kits” bought in big box stores or online have little or zero technical support. These systems have Buyer Beware notions all over them.

Trust FoxCrest Security to install a wired video surveillance system for your home. We will help you choose the right system for you. Your security cameras will be reliable to view remotely, retrieve video footage and deter would-be criminals.

Commercial Security Camera Installation

Every business used to need an alarm system but now commercial properties are using a combination of alarms & security cameras. There are so many benefits to having video surveillance:

  • Keep track of employees
  • Keep track of customers
  • Deter would-be criminals
  • Record & Hand over to police video footage of those that do or try to steal/vandalize
  • Use mobile-viewing to keep an eye on your property
    • Make sure your employees opened up on-time
    • Check to see if your parking lot is ready for customers (ex. snow removal)
  • Make your staff & customers feel more at-ease knowing your company values security

Commercial Video Monitoring – The replacement of security guard service!Security Guard Service

FoxCrest Security offers video monitoring to commercial properties in Frederick, MD. Our very-high resolution cameras monitor your property during certain “shifts”, much like a security guard does. But you can have the entire perimeter covered, where-as a security guard can only cover by foot or vehicle one area at a time. Or do you rely on them to actually monitor all of your security cameras every second of their shift?

Our video monitoring solution is a fraction of the cost for a security guard service. Often, you’re monthly monitoring is less than an 8-hour shift for a security guard. We also minimize false alarms by making sure we have good details about how your business operates, focusing on the activities that warrant being analyzed by cameras, and using a real person to look at each event that occurs on your property. This has worked fantastically for several businesses in the Frederick, MD area.

Call FoxCrest Security if you are interested in security camera installation, we offer free consultation to everyone! (240) 422-8369 or Contact Us